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The 24Hour Endurance Drawing Project.

An amazing experience to have taken part in, “The 24 Hour Endurance Drawing Project”, an event in which artists start & finish a work of art in a continuous 24 hours.

Co-founded by Hannah Bertram and Kendall Nordin in 2005 , the project has been staged numerous times in cities across the globe . I participated in Melbourne in 2018 hosted by the Art Room .

My Project was about reduction. I divided my time into 4 hours blocks. I started with 6 different mediums, charcoal , textured paint, ink, pigments, acrylic paint and newspaper. I created stone like images and took every 4 hours one medium out. I ended up with a 7.5m long paper scroll.

It was challenging, fun and exhausting all at the same time. Loved it and would do it again immediately.